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presenta Capsule Collection 2013 Urban Forest
Sunset Cocktail Dj Set KAOS da Berlino special guest la cantante Ebony Bones da Londra
Spiaggia sull’Arno Easy Living – Lungarno Serristori, Piazza Poggi, Firenze

Per info e inviti: eventi@amazonlife.it – www.facebook.com/AMAZONLIFEPROJECT



SUNSET Cocktail: Ebony Bones + dj kaos dfa\modular\jollyjams presentation of Urban Forest capsule 2013 collection.

Send your request at eventi@amazonlife.it and get your own pass for the event.In collaboration with IED Firenze

The heart, brains and face of Ebony Bones is vivacious frontwoman Ebony Thomas – a musical law onto herself known for her kaleidoscopic sounds and theatrical live performances. Following her debut release in 2OO9 and 2 and half years of touring, supporting headlining acts such as CeeLo Green who enlisted the London born artist and her band as the opening support for his European Tour, Ebony headed alone to India to begin work on her new album. “When I began writing this new album I was feeling slightly disconnected with the UK, and so decided to travel to India. I’d never been and didn’t know anyone there but was fortunate enough to work alongside musicians from the Symphony Orchestra of India. What struck me most about being in India, was that despite the circumstances people were happy and smiling. I have a song called ‘Mystery Babylon Balloon’ “Tonight we’re free even if the city isn’t, Love is on our side, even if the money isn’t” Emotionally the spirit of this album is about hitting rock bottom and earning your way up. Slightly darker at times, but it has a lot of hope.”
Since her training at The Sylvia Young Theatre School, alongside classmate Amy Winehouse – to her first steps starring in UK television dramas, Ebony first burst onto the musical scene when her self produced track ‘We Know All About U’ posted on her Myspace page, was selected as BBC Radio 1 ‘Record of the Week’ and ‘Hottest Record In The World’.

Introduced to Amadou & Mariam through Damon Albarn’s Africa Express festival, Ebony Bones collaborated with the Malian superstars for their 2O12 album ‘Folila’, receiving rave reviews from Pitchfork on her single. Debuting new album tracks at festivals this summer, including mainstage at Mare Vivas 2O12, she performed infront of 8O,OOO in Portugal alongside fellow acts The Kaiser Chiefs & Billy Idol and Garbage. Ebony and her band took to the stage at Poland’s Open Air Festival headlining alongside Tricky – with a concert debuting new tracks to 4,OOO fans at The Botanical Gardens of Metz, in France.
Her current 5 page feature in this months issue of Intersection Magazine (The Bond issue feat. Daniel Craig} sees her talk about the recording of the new album, daring to cover her favourite Smith’s song with the London Children’s Choir, and collaborating with film director Julie Pacino, daughter of Al Pacino on her new video. “My music tends to sounds alot bigger in my head then it ends up on tape but I have this craving to grow, challenge myself and get all these sounds out my head. I feel like I’m only ten percent there, but I’m proud of the results and touched by the fact that people still seem to be interested. Its exciting” Commenting on the new album, JD Beauvallet, editor of France’s leading music magazine Les Inrockuptibles said “This is amazing..so huge, so joyful, so strange.. I love it! ”

DJ Kaos’s singles are tightly constructed affairs, songs that patiently unfurl over seven-minute runtimes. He’s certainly restless stylistically, applying a disco sensibility across multiple strands of dance music, but once he settles upon a sound, he inhabits it, effortlessly gliding through peaks and troughs as if it were the only kind of track he knew how to make. To wit: recent years have found him producing smoldering house (“Keep on Movin'”) and psych-kissed disco (“Kosmischer Ruckenwind”), while two outstanding singles for DFA Records 2009’s slinky “Love the Night Away”and last year’s silky smooth, krautrock-indebted “From Inside” convincingly pulled off more analog, song-oriented approaches. DJ Kaos is a cool and collected fellow, even if Dj Kaos turns out to be a bit of a wild man. He adopted the name Kaos in the mid-’80s, when by his account he was the “first graffiti painter in Berlin,producing art heavily influenced by hip-hop. He also skateboarded semi-professionally. From there, he moved to London, where in the early ’90s, he hung around the studio of legendary producer Cameron McVey and immersed himself in England’s blossoming club scene. By the late ’90s, Kaos had returned to Berlin and joined with two other journeymen the band Turntable Terranova, a electronic hip hop influenced production trio who would be responsible for an early, beloved entry in the prestigious DJ-Kicks series. For the last decade, Kaos has been going at it alone, at least in principle: His solo full-length, 2005’s Hello Stranger, included collaborations with Erlend Øye, Daniel Wang, Captain Comatose, The Rapture and The Hundred in the Hands. To state the obvious, Kaos has seen and done a lot of things. And he’s still on the move, recently starting his own record label, Jolly Jams, and touring the world with a high-flying DJ set.


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